Canyon Road Art District

Gallery interior on Canyon Road World-Class Art

Canyon Road Santa Fe Art Galleries

Located just one mile east of Santa Fe’s historic Plaza, between Paseo de Peralta and Camino Escondido, Canyon Road in Santa Fe features the city's highest concentration of art galleries, souvenir shops and art boutiques. However, art is not this area’s only attraction, as the Canyon Road galleries are housed in old stunning old adobe structures along tree-lined streets and surrounded with spectacular and uniquely individual gardens.
Canyon Road Sculpture Garden Delightful Art
Canyon Road originated as a simple farming community, and the road itself was part of the supply route into town. The first professional artists began arriving in the early 20th century and purchasing old Spanish farmsteads for use as homes and studios. Over time, this area became a magnet for local art in Santa Fe and drew New York- and European-trained artists to experience Santa Fe’s clear air and amazing desert landscapes.
Lush Garden Canyon Road in Summer
Today, Canyon Road has become the second-largest art market in the country and includes some of the most renowned art galleries in the world. There are over 100 art galleries packed into this seven-block stretch, and the buildings themselves are filled with both contemporary and traditional, abstract and expressionist paintings, photographs and Southwestern-themed art.

Statues Outside Shops
This is also an excellent location to shop for handcrafted jewelry, clothing, books, and uniquely crafted home furnishings. While enjoying Canyon Road art, make sure you also stop by El Zaguan, a 19-room adobe home that is the headquarters of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. In addition to the historic architecture, you will be dazzled by its lush courtyards and gardens.

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