Hotel Chimayo's Santa Fe, NM restaurant by Chef Estevan

Chef Estevan Executive Chef at Esteven Santa Fe, NM Restaurant

About the Chef

Chef Estevan Garcia is a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico having spent many years in Dixon, where at an early age began his passion for cooking.  While studying under the Franciscan Order for four years, he further developed the art of preparing old traditional native cuisine. He is a recognized originator of southwest regional cuisine and has been featured in major publications such as Gourmet, Bon Appetite and the New York Times.  
Chile Relleno New Mexican Cuisine

Today, Chef Estevan redefines New Mexico cuisine with some of the most delicious culinary dishes at Estevan. At our Santa Fe, NM restaurant, he creates food that is freshly prepared using ingredients from local farmers, serving it in an uncomplicated manner and giving it his special touch which allows the food to burst with natural flavor. Chef Estevan’s most popular appetizer is the Chile Relleno, a fresh green Chile filled with mushrooms and served with a delicate demi glaze chile sauce, pinto beans and fresh garlic. The absence of frying and breading makes this New Mexico favorite a healthy option and allows you to really taste the full flavor of the Chile.
Ravioli Handmade Pasta

Chef Estevan states “I like chile, and when you can fill it with fresh mushrooms and lay it over a delicious sauce, it just brings out a wonderful flavor.  It’s very New Mexican.”
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