Just 30 minutes north of our Santa Fe hotel is a historic 17th-century Spanish village that is rich in New Mexico culture. Nestled among fields, orchards and rolling hills, Chimayó gives visitors a glimpse into a way of life steeped in tradition and folklore. Chimayó is home to a pilgrimage church and nearby sacred sites, internationally renowned weavers, locally crafted artwork and savory northern New Mexico cuisine.

One legend tells us that Chimayó means "the place where three rivers meet" in the ancient Tewa language. Other storytellers claim that the village is named after T'si Mayoh, the Hill of the East which overlooks the valley. Whatever tradition appeals to you, Chimayó is undoubtedly an incomparable opportunity to immerse yourself in New Mexico heritage and tradition.

Founded by the Ortega, Martinez, Chavez, Trujillo, Lopez, and Vigil families whose 3,000 descendents still live there, Chimayó's heritage encompasses collective struggle and triumph, self-sufficiency and interdependence, spirituality, culture and art


Sabino's Map: Life in Chimayó's Old Plaza by Don J. Unser

Chimayó Association of Businesses